What is exactly ISO Certified?

What is ISO Certification? 

ISO certification certifies that a control system, production process, service, or documentation process has all of the necessities for standardization and fine assurance. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental, global enterprise that develops requirements to make sure the fine, safety, and performance of products, services, and systems.

ISO certifications exist in many areas of industry, from energy management and social responsibility to medical devices and energy management. ISO standards are in place to ensure consistency. Each certification has separate standards and criteria and is classified numerically.


International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international, non-governmental, independent organization that marks and develops the various standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.


The number appearing after ISO classifies the standard. All standards within the ISO 9000 family refer to quality management. ISO 9001 is among ISO’s best-known standards, and it defines the criteria for meeting a number of quality management principles. It helps businesses and organizations be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.


The final number in an ISO certification refers to the version of the standard that’s being met and is represented by the calendar year those standards were launched. 2015 is the fifth edition of ISO 9001. It was launched in September 2015, and Mead Metals has updated its processes to meet the specifications of this newest version.

What Does ISO 9001 Certification Mean?

If an organization bills themselves as “ISO 9001 Certified,” this means the organization has met the requirements designated under ISO 9001 (which you can read in full here). ISO 9001 requires organizations to define and follow a quality management system that is both appropriate and effective while also requiring them to identify areas for improvement and take action toward those improvements.

ISO certification standards also help keep our products and services relevant. When the standards change, we change along with them. When we work with new customers, we send them our certification details so they know they can expect ISO standards be met. 

ISO 9001 is recognized as the basis for any company to create a system to ensure customer satisfaction and improvement. Therefore many corporations and customers require this certification from their suppliers.

How Do I Find Out About New ISO Standards?

The best way to learn about new, revised, or updated ISO standards is from ISO themselves. As the organization that sets the standards, they would be the best source.

  • More clauses
  • A different structure (High Level Structure)
  • Different terminology
  • A process approach
  • More focus on input and output
  • Risk-based thinking at its core
  • A focus on the context of the organization
  • Leadership and commitment updates
  • Better integration with other ISO standards 

Key points of ISO Certification-

  • ISO 9001 can be implemented to any organization irrespective of size.
  •  ISO 9001 is a process based standard. Organizations can use it to control organizational processes, to meet the desired results for their end products.
  •  Except very few industries; all manufacturing, service, entertainment, hospitality industries etc. can be get certified with ISO 9001:2015.   
  • To become ISO 9001 certified, your organization must follow the quality management standards suggested by ISO on continuous basis.
  • After certification, every year surveillance audit is conducted by certification body.

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